We can Monetize Your In-Ground Assets and Above-Ground Assets: All around the world, companies of all kinds are searching for new, highly effective and efficient ways of increasing their income streams, discovering and implementing new lucrative ways to monetize their assets, especially those assets that they previously thought they could not monetize and building their profits to sustain and/or expand their establishment.

In-Ground-Assets are assets that a company or individual owns that are in the ground such as: oil and gas, coal, gold, silver, platinum, silica, kaolin, diamonds, copper, aluminum, nickel, liquid traded metals, and other minerals. Many companies, even some enormously large multi-million and multi-billion dollar companies do not know there are ways to monetize their In-Ground-Assets even before they sell them through conventional methods or they do not know where to go to do so. Others need cash to make their mines operational and profitable. All it takes is for you to provide us with an Assay/Geological Report of your In-Ground Assets (and some other minor documentation), which we will submit to one of our Lenders or Investors for compliance evaluation, hopefully followed by acceptance and then monetization.

Assets Lending Program

Asset Based Lending is the providing of a loan that is secured by an asset. These kinds of loans are normally secured by such things as real estate, equipment, machinery, accounts receivables, and inventory. But occasionally, they can also be secured by such things as intellectual property, patents, trademarks, pharmacy script files and other things of an unorthodox manner. In some ways, the Asset Based Line of Credit is very similar to a traditional Business Line of Credit.

Profit Increase Funding via the financial tool of an Asset Based Loan enables businesses of all sizes to tap into their own assets to sustain and/or expand themselves through cyclical or seasonal periods or turnaround scenarios. For over 20 years Asset Based Lending has become and is continuing to evolve into a widely accepted and utilized means of obtaining working capital.

The sustenance and growth of many companies has become greatly dependent upon and immensely rewarded and satisfied with the lucrative results of Asset Based Lending.

In Ground Assets & Above-Ground Assets Funding

Assets Based Loans

A Bridge Loan also known as “Gap Financing” or “Interim Financing” is used to provide interim (temporary) financing for businesses to chronologically bridge them over until they can obtain their next phase of financing or permanent financing. Then the money obtained from the next phase of financing or permanent financing is typically used to pay back their Bridge Loan and also used to fund their remaining capitalization requirements.

Bridge Loans are an expeditious and easy way to obtain cash and are often used by businesses to financially sustain themselves so as to not run out of operating capital in-between consecutive financings from primary equities and/or before their initial public offerings. These kinds of loans are contingently based upon the pending influx of capital and are predominately secured by various kinds of collateral such as inventory, real estate, accounts receivables and other tangible and intangible assets.

Bridge Loans