​Kadland Capital Group is an asset management group whose strategy is to focus on creating value, building portfolios, and managing risk through global real asset investments in natural resources and commodities, industry and infrastructure, and real estate.

We use our global presence and sector focus to identify opportunities to invest in, build, operate, and manage high quality assets using our competitive advantage as a market specialist in real assets. We combine world class financial analysis and structuring with in-depth sector expertise.

We invest alongside our clients to show our commitment to our investment programs and our confidence in our investment teams.

We are committed to providing investors with new investment solutions based on rigorous research, disciplined portfolio management, transparency and integrity. We have expertise and well-organized systems in all areas, from fund management to product development, analysis, compliance, and risk management.

Our Focus

• Specialized group of companies focused on providing access to real asset investments through a series of specialized and customized investment vehicles and projects

• Specialty areas covering the key areas of real assets: natural resources and commodities, industry and infrastructure, and real estate

• Global team of dedicated investment professionals with extensive sector-specific experience

• Consistently strong track record in portfolio and risk management

• Direct investments and investment pools to meet individual investor needs

collaborative relationships with leading global financial institutions, development banks, NGOs, and market specialists.

Our Principles

• Provide access to world class real asset investments and projects

• Design exceptional, innovative structures that respond to investor requirements

• Combine unique opportunities and diversification with strong risk management

• Target returns that combine economic, environmental, and social yield

• Focus on client service, communication, transparency, and customization to meet individual investor needs

• Provide best-in-class legal, financial, and industry expertise

• Assure strong corporate governance

Our Edge

• Extensive in-house experience acquiring, building, and managing real assets

• Regional and global expertise

• On-the-ground experience working with local governments and businesses

• Access to world class assets globally through direct negotiation

• Access to leading companies, technologies, and projects

• Strong local and international networks

• Expert external partners and services providers

• Ability to deliver rapid solutions.