​The scale of global infrastructure investment demand is enormous, and there is a growing need to replace and expand international infrastructure including all parts of the energy supply chain and a wide array of public services such as roads, railways, airports, and communications networks. Initiatives in these areas have become more difficult due to a reduction in traditional public funding and weakened economic conditions in many regions of the world. These resource issues have created a heightened need for experienced private capital.

We are committed to helping to meet this resource imbalance by investing in infrastructure assets on a global basis. Our goal is to achieve returns through the acquisition and operational improvement of infrastructure assets, which are important to the functioning of regional and local economies. We look to use these investments to generate current income and capital appreciation for investors in our funds.

Our strategy is to seek infrastructure investments with limited downside risk. We seek to drive value creation through distinctive sourcing, deep operational engagement, and active stakeholder management. We believe this strategy leads to value-added returns for our investors.


Infrastructure is a distinct asset class, making selection, based on a variety of factors, critically important. We focus on investments where we believe risk can be minimized in order to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns, and we use a risk-based asset selection process to make our decisions.