Real Estate & Development

In the sector of real estate and development, Kadland Capital Group realizes full turnkey project development of Greenfield projects as well as refurbishment or redevelopment of existing assets.

Our access to direct negotiated projects and strong local contacts is a key competitive advantage. Kadland Capital combines best-in-class partners with access to projects and funding, and provides investors direct exposure to unique projects in fast growing markets.

The aging population worldwide is growing at a faster rate than the general population and as the "silver tsunami" gears up, this creates a demand for senior housing communities. In fact, senior housing has become a darling of the real estate industry in recent years.

There are many types of senior housing projects out there, such as: senior home, retirement home, retirement village, senior housing community, nursing home, skilled nursing unit, convalescent home, care home, or assisted living facility.

The trend now is that seniors living in apartment complexes or 55+ communities are starting to see a greater level of a-la-carte services offered that resemble more of an assisted living “feel.”

We offer funding for Senior Residential Worldwide

Residential development is real estate development for residential purposes. Some such developments are called a subdivision, when the land is divided into lots with houses constructed on each lot. Sometimes residential developments are mixed developments and will include a mix of single-family homes, townhouses, duplexes, and sometimes there will also be condominium towers or apartment complexes.

Townhouse developments (also called townhomes) and duplexes have been on the rise over the past few years as they provide a more affordable alternative to single-family homes.

 We offer funding for office real estate projects worldwide
A sector of commercial real estate that can be responsible for large profits is the office market. One of the benefits of investing in office buildings is that office tenants generally sign longer leases, ranging from three years and higher.

The benefit in this is that you have the potential to receive a steady stream of rental income for a longer period of time. The downside to this is that it normally takes longer to find office tenants than other types of commercial tenants, which means that your vacancies can last for long periods of time as well.

Whether it's commercial offices or service offices, real estate remains a profitable venture and if you have such a project, fill out the form below and let's see what we can build together.

We offer funding for shopping center projects worldwide

Shopping centers (or commercial centers) have exploded in growth over the last 2 decades as cities grow, suburbs develop, and demand for more and better shops and restaurants arises. We have worked on several such projects and are always open to doing more and invite you to fill out the form below let us see what we can do to help you Get Funded.

There are several types of shopping centers:
- High Street
- Shopping Mall (retail, restaurants, cinema, etc)
- Market
- Outlet Mall
- Strip Mall
- Plaza