Arthur K. Kadima-Nzuji

Chairman of Kadland Capital Group

Groupe Chairman & Chief Executive Officer. Head of Global Investment  & Strategic Operations

Mr. Arthur Kadima-Nzuji has a Master Degree in Sociology and Economic Studies from the Catholic Institute of Paris.(1984). He also graduated in International Trade (Paris - 1985) and in Management & Business Administration (Paris-1986).

With a broad experience in Company Management, Business Finance and International Commerce, Arthur Kadima-Nzuji has started his management experience since 1988 in France as founder and Managing Director of CIINA, a computer company specialized in assembling computer and Training activities (Nanterre).

The group CIINA has worked closely with the French authority of the “Department de Haut de Seine” to train State Officials and company Managers on the new technologies and the use of computers .

Arthur Kadima -Nzuji also worked as a consultant for several French Export Group as Project Manager in  France and in several African countries.

Arthur Kadima-Nzuji has also established companies and businesses in Europe and Africa and has companies in USA and partnership business activities in Hong Kong, Thailand, China, United States and Canada. He has managed and administered several companies during his long career. Some of them are inactive today many more are still active and operational today.

  • K&Partners Investment Sarl , Established since 1995 in Republic of Benin;
  • K&Partners Ghana Ltd , Established since 1997 in Republic of Ghana,
  • K&Partners Sprl, established in 2006 in Democratic Republic of Congo,
  • Kadima & Partners SA, (2005) established in Portugal;

Kadland Capital Lda, established since January 2013 in Portugal. The company is an international investment and finance company specialized in Private Equity Funding.

Kadland Capital Holdings SAS , established since 2018 in Democratic Republic of Congo, this company is highly involved into Public-Private Partnership with the Government of Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Kadland Capital LLC , a Wyoming Liability company established since 2018 in USA , with registered address in San Francisco , California , this company is also involved into Financial and Advisory services. As a global investor and asset manager, Kadland Capital advice and assist project developers worldwide at every stage of their projects, from evaluation to the funding.

Beware of fraudulent Mirror website name: "kadlandcapital.NET"


Our business is built on the foundation of privacy , confidentiality, accuracy and an unwavering commitment to assist our clients to success. As a global financial and investment consulting firm, We assist individuals, companies , corporations and governments worldwide to finance projects , develop infrastructure and finance humanitarian programs. We offer a complete full financial service to meet our client’s needs.

Apart from his professional business & management activities , Arthur Kadima -Nzuji is also very active culturally and intellectually. He is the author of several writings:

(Les Gerçures de l’Aube - 1983 - Poems ), (Le Temps des Eclipses -1985 - A Play) (Noctambuliques – 1985 - Poems ) all published in France and Belgium.

Arthur Kadima-Nzuji has won a Literature Prize of the best Novel in 1980 in Kinshasa. (Ntale -1980).

He is also the author of the book titled: (Naissance Et Développement de la Musique Congolaise Moderne - 1985 - A books on the Modern Congolese Music History.)

Stage Actor, Arthur Kadima-nzuji played in several occasions in Paris (Quand Les Afriques s' Affrontent - 1983); ( Les Cris de la Nuit – 1985).

Since 2017, Arthur Kadima -Nzuji has established a Music & Movie Production company: "Kadima-Nzuji Productions". The first album of the production titled "Rendekita" was released on June 2018 in Paris. The album is sold on the most credible online sales and streaming plate forms under the label name: "Kadland Productions". A video clip was also released to support the album. it can be seen under this link: