To expand his business, Arthur Kadima-Nzuji will decide to establish a subsidiary company in USA in the state of Nevada, under the name of "Kadland Capital LLC" on 6th October 2014. with the registered address at 9120 Double Diamond Pkwy Reno, NV 89521.

The registration of the subsidiary company named Kadland Capital LLC in the United States was entrusted to a certain Carlos E. Franklin, who worked at the time for Kadland Capital Lda Portugal as a broker. Following a very serious dispute with our broker Carlos Franklin for professional misconduct, the mother company Kadland Capital Lda decided to withdraw confidence from Carlos Franklin and entrust the responsibilities of the company to another partner. Unfortunately, it was complicated by the fact that it was he Carlos Franklin who had signed the company registration documents in USA.

Faced with this blockage, Arthur Kadima-Nzuji will decide to use his rights as the owner of the name Kadland Capital to prohibit anyone from using this name in the USA or elsewhere. As holder of the commercial rights over the name "Kadland Capital" he  has initiated legal action against Carlos Franklin. Legal proceedings are currently underway.

Kadland Capital LLC was founded by Arthur Kadima-Nzuji and a group of visionary bankers and businessmen. Our business is built on the foundation of privacy, confidentiality, accuracy and an unwavering commitment to assist our clients to success.

Kadland Capital is a global consulting firm. We advice individuals, companies, corporations and governments worldwide to get the best solution for their projects, infrastructure and humanitarian programs. 

We use our global presence and sector focus to identify opportunities to invest in, build, operate, and manage high quality assets using our competitive advantage as a market specialist in real assets. We combine world class financial analysis and structuring with in-depth sector expertise.Our services extend beyond the initial venture stage and support the entire commercial aspect for the client.

Arthur K. Kadima-Nzuji

Groupe Chairman & CEO.


Our vision

Our core business is built on knowledge, expertise and personal contacts within the financial community. The different skills within Kadland Capital are the key reasons we are able to serve such a diverse clientele. We work within the global arena providing consulting services for clients with a variety of demands in most sectors of business and industry.
Kadland Capital represents more than 40 years of experience in international business, with a majority of those years working directly in international trade and industry. As part of our further affiliation and connections within the commercial community, we are able to be a results-orientated partner for all of our direct clients. We provide a wide range of innovative solutions in a traditional and nontraditional manner. Our services also include export and import and trade facilities to enhance your business.

About Us