Kadland Capital is an international firm based in Portugal, specialized in global investments with interests in sectors ranging from asset management, private equity and venture capital, real estate commodities, industry and infrastructure, mining and natural resource investments.

Global Investments strategy

Kadland Capital Group is focused on creating value, building portfolios and managing risk through global real asset investment.

Through our wholly owned subsidiary company Kadland Capital Holdings, is registered in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the richest natural resource country in the world.

Our group objective is to focus on Real Assets Buy/Sell strategies to build up a strong and secure investment program backed by Diamonds, Gold and other Precious Mineral Resources.

Precious Minerals & Gemstones used as Investment Vehicle:

• Diamonds, • Rubies. • Topaz, • Emeralds, • Sapphires, • Gold, • Silver

We provide full turnkey investments and management of mineral resources, mining assets, and processing facilities.

We use our global presence and sector focus to identify opportunities to invest in, build, operate, and manage high quality assets using our competitive advantage as a market specialist in real assets. We combine world class financial analysis and structuring with in-depth sector expertise.

We invest alongside our clients to show our commitment to our investment programs and our confidence in our investment team. 

Kadland Natural Resources Investment Program

The Kadland Natural Resources Investment Program is an investment program focusing on Buy/Sell of Real Assets such as Mining & Precious Minerals. It is a Managed Investment Program where Kadland Capital Holdings will purchase precious mineral products from DR Congo, Angola, Botswana, Ghana and South Africa at below market prices and then resell the same precious mineral Products at a reasonable " mark up ". It is the old saying of "buy low and sell high"!

As an example Kadland Capital Holdings will purchase precious mineral products from DR Congo, Angola, Botswana, Sierra Leone, Ghana, South Africa at a price below the market value and resell at high Market value.  This will be accomplished through our contacts overseas in Europe and Asia.

Our program performance will produce an ROI (Return On Investment) of 10% to 20%  gross profit for each closed transaction per month.

How to invest into “Kadland Natural Resources Investment Program”

The Investor must purchase a “Corporate Resources-Guarantee” (CRG) to be qualified for the Program.
A “Corporate Resources-Guarantee” is a debt investment in which an investor loans money to Kadland Capital Holdings for a specific period of time and at a fixed interest rate to participate in the Buy/Sell of Real Assets activities.
In return Kadland Capital Holdings will payout a fixed interest amount on monthly basis to investor and return the initial capital invested at the end of the term.

How it works/Example:

The (CRG) it self represents a loan agreement between the issuer & the investor.
The terms of the (CRG) obligate Kadland Capital to repay the principal amount by a specified date of maturity. All our (CRG) maturities are short-term notes of twelve (12) months term offering three levels of investments Entree.
1st Level: $150,000.00
2nd Level: $ 300,000.00
3rd Level: $450,000.00

The face value of each (CRG) will represent the Level and the amount invested to be qualified.

Kadland Capital will pay a specific interest rate on a monthly basis according to the level of investment.

Very important to know:
The “Corporate Resource-Guarantee (CRG)” is secured by natural assets such as Diamonds and Gold used during our managed Buy/Sell transactions. When you buy a “CRG”, you are lending money to Kadland Capital Holdings. The corporation commit to return the investor funds on a specified maturity date. Until that time, it will also pay a specific interest amount on a monthly basis.
Unlike stocks, our “CRG” does not permit ownership interest in the corporation.

However in the grand scheme of  investment choices our Corporate Resources-Guarantees are relatively safe and considered to be a liquid  Asset.
Owning a company's debt is different in many ways from owning a company's stock. First, corporate guarantee holder cannot vote and they are not entitled to dividends. Secondly, debt ranks as senior to equity. This means that the CRG holder is among the first to be repaid in the event of liquidation. So seniority provides an extra level of security for CRG holders, and this is one reason CRG’s are generally considered safer investments than stock.

Nevertheless Kadland Capital will undertake to purchase for each and every investor a Certificate of Deposit from a rated financial institution that will secure the initial principal amount invested.

How Kadland Capital Holdings use the invested funds

For the managed Buy/Sell of Real Assets to be activated, the funds invested to Kadland Capital Holdings will be used to purchase or lease a Bank Instrument. Kadland Capital Holdings will then give the financial instrument as a collateral/pledge to the bank for the needed initial Investment capital.

We hope this has given you an insight on the safety of the funds to be invested.

This is a short term, secured investment. However as in any investment done on a “best effort basis” there is always an inherent risk.

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