Founded in 2005 under the name Kadima & Partners SA, the company was engaged in real estate development, international trade and project financing. Several subsidiaries will be created in Africa including Benin, Ghana and the Democratic Republic of Congo. All involved in international trade. After a change in its activities, the company will know a deep restructuring and will be transformed and renamed Kadland Capital.

Kadland Capital is today a dynamic international investment group with strategic alliances and selected investments in United States, Europe and Africa. Acting as an investment banking firms, Kadland Capital finance projects through direct Equity investment and assist with investments in selected projects. The areas we work in worldwide include infrastructure, real estate, Energy, oil & mining, telecom, entertainment...

Kadland Capital was founded by Arthur Kadima-Nzuji and a group of visionary bankers and businessmen. Our business is built on the foundation of privacy, confidentiality, accuracy and an unwavering commitment to assist our clients to success.

Kadland Capital is a global financial and investment consulting group. We assist individuals, companies, and  governments entities worldwide to achieve their financial goals. We offer a complete range of services from secure loans, to alternative funding to meet our client’s needs.

We also have extensive relationships with major banks and private investment funds. These factors allow us access to substantial funding on advantageous terms, which enables us to provide innovative solutions to funding requirements outside the conventional markets, including equity funding and investment capital.

Beware of a fraudulent Mirror Website named: www.kadlandcapital.NET 

The REAL and GENUINE Website is www.kadlandcapital.COM